Contractors and Vendors Inquiry Form

We are offering you a Contractors and Vendors Inquiry form to get in touch with us on a voluntary basis. Use of the form is not required for the use of our remaining website. We leverage the formstack plugin that allows to easily embed web forms built with formstacks’s online form builder into webpages. All of the form submissions are sent to  and then we follow up on the form submissions accordingly. 

The information provided is also stored on the formstack site in order to fulfill your inquiries as the formstack plugin uses cookies and Local Storage, which is used to track views of the form anonymously.  

If you use our Contractors and vendor inquiry form, we will collect: 

  • your firm name 
  • your owner name 
  • your mailing address 
  • your email address  
  • your phone number 
  • your scope of work 
  • your average volume of work 
  • your past project completed with economic opportunity programs 
  • your business certifications 

Not all information is required to submit the form. However, if you need us to be able to reach out to you, we will need your name and email address, postal address or telephone number to be provided. Information will be stored in a protected environment for the duration of our Document Retention Schedule and destroyed after that (unless we delete the information earlier at your request). The personal information that we collect from you is used to respond to your request and questions and improve our services. The Privacy Policy published by formstack, which is available at  provides information about the collection, processing, and use of personal data by formstack.