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Community Impact

Our team has a longstanding history of outreach, education, and strengthening partnerships with minority- and woman-owned businesses (M/WBEs).  Together we have realized over $1 billion in contracts on an annual basis for M/WBEs as a result of outreach, mentorship and partnering.

We know that the growth of small and diverse businesses results in job creation. The joint venture partners each have created and implemented innovative programs that support capacity building and workforce development.  Our commitment to the success of small business and diverse business is historic, current and evolving.

Commitment to Diversity

We are striving to provide equal opportunity to all qualified small business suppliers and contractors in the Chicago area, providing opportunities for disadvantaged minority and women-owned businesses is a standard method of operation throughout all levels of the project.

Our team aims to be a beneficial contributor to the communities where we work.  We will be beneficial in the areas of job growth, education and community enhancement with the facilities that we construct. Our goal will be met through the utilization of our prime and tiered contractors, suppliers and vendors and we will advise our client of the final selections upon award of the contract.

In meeting Minority, Women and Veteran Owned Business Enterprise goals, our team ensures that we provide “right sized” bid packages that allow for success. In addition, we actively search the local market to ensure we get the best firms involved in our project.

Our partners commit to employing local and national M/WBE and veteran-owned subcontractors and vendors which would include second-tier subcontractors and suppliers as much as possible. We encourage our mechanical, electrical and fire protection subcontractors on site to work with local minority businesses affiliated with the construction industry.